I emailed LG 12-7-11

    to see if they care.

                            send me a comment:



 I just fixed a melted wire on the board that caused this plastic to melt and a tar like substance to leak out

 the door was rusting away. so I sandblasted and painted it

This started at one year old, now that it's 5 years old,  needs more work, more paint.

these broke the second year 

I can't see buying new strings every year, so I modified them to make it easy to add my own string.  Found a rope that works and now I change the strings like I do in my smoke detectors. 

Once a year!

these stop the door from slaming onto the floor when you oben it.

Water is leaking water out the bottom of door.  found the door gasket turning to sticky tar like substance. Now 5 Years old

 LG wants to send me the entire inside of the door.  Can't get just the gasket.

I had a heart attack when I found that it was $163.05 and that it only comes with the entire inside of the door. part # K101

          plus shipping at $33.85


This gasket is breaking apart and leaving goo on dishes.



This is the goo left after dishwasher was done washing it! 

It smears if you try to wipe it off  !!!! 


Soap dispenser won't stay shut, broke when 2-3 years old.  plastic worn out.  made one of stainless steel.  the want too mutch $$ for new one. $48.05

 I have replaced this motor 2 times, June 2008, not even one year old yet and the second time 11/12/09.  It gives that code every one gets when it won't pump anymore.  You first think the drain is clogged and then you find out the magnet ring has split inside motor and it is hard to spin by hand. Only a $100.00 part

January 27, 2012

I thought I had good proof that this dishwasher does

not clean dishes.

The second  factory service technician says no dishwasher can clean this.  Remove food first.  Five hours later after removing this casserole dish and the food from bottom of washer.  Some dishes still have specks of redeposited food.

 "if this dishwasher can't remove food, maybe we should try the laundry,  it has to be able to wash something."

your wife

I have had 10+ conversations with LG since 12/28/2011, about 1hr each time.

Paid $80.20 for a factory service technician to look at it and make a list of parts to replace.

L G has agreed to pay for parts and $90.00 labor. The $80.20 not included.

L G found me another technician that would do the 5+ hr. job for $90.00

The second set of parts have been ordered.



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